Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to buy American: Part 1 of ?

      Back in World War 2, Americans were encouraged to buy American made goods and American bonds to support the war effort.  My grandmother and grandfather saved grease and bought war bonds to help out.  With the economy on the rocks, I believe it is time to declare war on the "great recession".  The way we fight this war is by keeping our money in the country by buying American made goods.

     The US trade deficit is 53.1 billion as of June 2011 according to the US Census bureau.  That means every month we send 50 billion out of this country.  The US gets 50 billion dollars poorer every month!  Most of this trade deficit is because of oil, but much of it is also because of the types of goods we purchase.  A lot of the cheap crap we buy at the 99 cent store and Walmart are all made in China.  If we all can just spend an extra 100 dollars a year on American made goods, it will make a huge difference and create jobs here in America.  Here are some ways to buy American...

One of the best and easiest ways to buy American is with normal everyday consumer products.  The prices are often cheaper and the quality is better.

Here are some companies to support.  Click the company name to see other products.

1.  Colgate-Palmolive-  Products include Speed Stick deoderant, Irish Spring soap, Palmolive dish soap, Fab detergent, Colgate toothpaste and toothbrushes and Ajax bleach.

2.  Proctor and Gamble- Products include Crest toothpaste, Gilette razor blades, Ivory soap, Tampax tampons, Old Spice cologne, Oral B toothbrushes, Scope mouthwash and more.

3.  Clorox- Clorox has many home cleaning products like Formula 409, Clorox bleach, Liquid Plumr, Pine Sol even barbeque products like Kingsford charcoal and KC Masterpiece bbq sauce.

4.  Church and Dwight-  Church and Dwight has many products made in the USA such as Trojan condoms, Arm & Hammer baking soda, Kaboom tile cleaner, Nair hair removal, Oxiclean and Xtra laundry detergent.

5.  Johnson & Johnson-  JNJ has many baby care products, other products like Clean and Clear, Rogaine, Neutrogena, Band Aide, Neosporin, Ben Gay, Listerine, Monistat, KY, Tylenol, Rolaids, Nicorette and Visine.  

6.  CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aide store brands-  These drug stores often have their own products which of course are made in the good ole USA.  If you see Q Tip brand cotton swabs, you might think they were made in the USA but nope they are a foreign product made by a European company called Unilever.  Instead of buying Q tips, buy the generic cotton swabs at those drug stores listed above.

Products to avoid...

Unilever is a British-Dutch multinational corporation that makes many products that may seem like they are American but they are not.

Unilever- Dove, Lever 2000 and Caress soap, Axe body spray, Brut cologne, Q-Tips cotton swabs, Sun dish soap, Suave deodorant, Tresemme hair care products, Vaseline intensive care and St. Ives body care products.

99 cent store personal care products-  check the label as many of the products are made in China.

Well, thats all for now.  I plan on having recurring articles on ways to buy American so keep checking in.  Please check the labels of the products you are buying!  Thanks and lets keep our money in our country.


  1. I don't live in USA so this doesn't affect me much. I still buy some american products, but given the possibility of choosing, many times i would go with the european products.

  2. I don't live in USA either but i buy local produce whenever i can.

  3. The problem isn't as much the products you buy but the ammount you put yourself in debt

  4. That's a good idea actually, it might not be huge but if everyone gradually starts buying more local products, it could help a lot. I dont live in USA though.

  5. @Michael Westside

    agreed our debt is a big problem. Our debt is so high because we are subsidising a standard of living we can no longer afford. Buying American products will help get our economy on track and help to repay our debt.

  6. i see same as hasidic and ting i dont live in USA either but sometimes i buy stuff be local or international =3 so i must care thx XD

  7. Since the economy is shit here in America, most of us are forced to buy the best value - regardless of where it comes from.

  8. I don't know if I want to buy American stocks at the moment. The market is a bit too volatile for me.

  9. Imma buy american, cause I am awesome

  10. my foreign wrenches break all day, very annoying

  11. a lot of the 99cent store cleaning products are made in America. I bought some shampoo and shaving cream that was bought in America there.