Saturday, September 10, 2011

American Football is here!!

     Wow, what a great game Thursday night!  Could you ask for anything more from a football opener?  I was at a sports bar for the game and the whole place was going crazy!  Green Bay won 42-34 on a last second goal line stuff of Mark Ingram.  Here are some highlights if you didn't see the game...

     It was a great game for my fantasy players as well.  I had Greg Jennings who had 89 yards and a score and Jimmy Graham who had 56 yards and a score netting me a cool 25.6 pts to start the week.

     I couldn't think of anything else to write about today so I guess I'll share my fantasy football team with you all.  The league is a standard yahoo competitive 10 team league.  I had the 8th pick in the draft.  I did not do any kind of research prior to this draft and was going with the Yahoo expert ranks as my cheat sheet.  Oh yeah, I forgot to draft a kicker or defense but who the hell cares about kicker or defense.   Here was my draft with round and pick number...

Round Pick
1. (8) Rashard Mendenhall RB  I could have picked LeSean McCoy here also.  Mendenhall is a
lock for 10-15 TDs.
2. (13) Maurice Jones-Drew RB  Yahoo experts had him ranked pretty high but had
I known he is coming off knee surgery I wouldn't have picked him.
3. (28) Miles Austin WR  I wanted to get a couple of top receivers on good offenses and
Miles was the best one available.
4. (33) Greg Jennings WR  Tony Romo was my other thought here but want to diversify
my offensive players.
5. (48) Ahmad Bradshaw RB  I couldn't believe I got him this late.
6. (53) Jeremy Maclin WR  I probably should have drafted a QB here.
7. (68) Jimmy Graham TE  One of the best sleeper tight ends, might have reached a bit.
8. (73) Mark Ingram RB  I had to take Ingram here, couldn't believe he was still available.
9. (88) Eli Manning QB  I was hoping Stafford fell to me but someone scooped him up
right before me and now won't even take an offer for him.  I have
really low expectations for Manning this year and am looking for
a new QB. 
10. (93) Sidney Rice WR  I had no idea who to pick.  Seattle's passing game is going to
stink this year.
11. (108) Lance Moore WR  I had no idea who to pick so went with someone from a good
12. (113) Fred Jackson RB  A starting running back still left? I'll take him!
13. (128) Aaron Hernandez TE  He could be the number 2 receiver on the team behind Welker,
supremely talented.
14. (133) Roy Williams WR  Wasted pick because of my Bears love.  I had no idea how
many picks I had left at this point.
15. (148) Cam Newton QB  I love Cam this year and think he is going to do real well.
50 rushing yards a game are going to help a lot!


  1. I hate the Packers only because they are a worthy opponent for my Cowboys when we meet in the playoffs, I love Wisconsin though.

  2. I feel like a dumb shit now, but I have no idea what fantasy players are. Is it a game or something?

    Feel free to enlighten me.

  3. @Lemons Don't Make Lemonade

    Do not feel dumb. Yes it is a game called Fantasy football. Me and 9 other people get together and take turns drafting players we think will do good that year. By doing good I mean generating points by scoring touchdowns and gaining yardage. For example, Greg Jennings in thursday's game got 89 yards and 1 touchdown. That gives him 14.9 points for the game which he earns for my team.
    I am competing against another team with different players. Whichever team ends up with the most points wins that week. Every week I play a different team in the league. At the end of the season, whichever 4 teams have the best record battle it out in the playoffs until finally the last team standing is declared the champion.
    That is basically how fantasy football works, its great if you are into real football. Oh yeah, and when I refer to my fantasy players, I mean players on my team.

  4. Looks like you got a nice, solid team bro

  5. @Natural One

    Being a Bears fan, I naturally hate the Fudgepackers.

  6. haha everyone hates the packers

  7. Being a Colts fan, im worried sick about Manning :/

  8. @Hasidic Plumber

    Yes, I am worried about Manning too. I don't think he will make it back in time for the regular season.

  9. Also, i ended up dropping Williams and Newton and picked up Alex Henery for my Kicker and Cleveland D this week.

  10. Unlike baseball, Football does not need gimmicks to keep fans happy. LONG LIVE AMERICAN FOOTBALL!!

  11. I haven't really been up for much football in my life but recently I've happened to get into it. This was an awesome game, probably the best I've seen ever. Nice posts buddy, going to follow your stuff.

  12. I like your setup... I like it alot!

  13. I don't do the whole sports thing. My brother does. He was pissed that the Packers won. I honestly could care less

  14. Well I'm not a big football fan, especially when I'm european and "football" is a whole diferent sport here. But I watch Superbowl every year and enjoy it very much!

  15. hahahaha nice Line i as well no fan but looking at it makes me want haha XD

  16. I've been looking through your blog. I like the theme you're doing here, a blog about finances that speaks to the common man. You're a good writer, and you offer good insights.

    I'm following you! Sadly this is the only entry that I don't know squat about... the only football I understand is the one were you kick a ball with your foot for the whole game! ;)

  17. Can't say I care too much about football, but the fantasy teams look amusing. (But I'll still never play)

  18. not a football fan but I can patiently sit down watching the players play when there are plenty of handsome men around. hahahahaha!

  19. Can't say I enjoy football that much myself, sorry. :(

  20. nice team, cam is good this year