Saturday, August 13, 2011

Matt Kemp is the best player in baseball

Matt Kemp's walkoff hit

Matt Kemp has done it again.  Last night in the 10th inning of a scoreless game he walked the Dodgers off with a basehit to right field scoring Casey Blake.  That was at least the third walkoff hit by Matt Kemp this year.  Where would the Dodgers be without Matt Kemp?  They probably would have 20 wins less.  He is having an MVP caliber season and is on pace for 35 home runs 100 RBI's and 40 steals.  He could be the first player since Alfonso Soriano in 2006 to post a legitimate 40-40 season.  He could be the first player to win a triple crown since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967.  He plays gold glove caliber defense in one of the toughest positions to play in all of baseball, center field.  He is now a bonafide superstar that opposing managers fear to pitch to when the game is on the line.

Matt Kemp has improved his game in all facets from a disastrous 2010 where his manager and GM were calling him out.  I have watched a lot of Dodger games this year and it is amazing the change in his approach from last year.  His plate discipline is much better and the pitches that would have gotten him out previously he is now fighting off or even driving.  I am not a Dodger fan, I am a Cubs fan but after watching his incredible play this year, I am now a huge Matt Kemp fan.  Oh yeah, it doesn't hurt that I have him on both of my fantasy baseball teams this year because I knew he was going to rip shit up!  There is nobody in baseball more valuable to his team right now than Matt Kemp.  He should win MVP this year and is quite possibly the best player in baseball.

Here are some highlights from Matt Kemp's 2011 season.

8/27/2011 Update:  Yet another walk off home run for Matt Kemp...Kemp is now up to 31 home runs 100 RBI's and is batting 323.  40-40 and a triple crown is still within reach.  Here is his latest walk off home run.

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